Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This woman is my favorite model these days.

Her name is Kaho Seto. I watch her at twitter and instagram. She is beautiful woman and natural beauty. Not elaborate. However, she is not only beautiful. Her feelings and words are so couth. I like to watch her twitter. I am often surprised her sense. In addition, she is only one year older than I. But, she is so mature. I feel close to her about that.

I like her so much. She is my recent favorite. And I respect her.

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New Face

Last Friday, I went to docomo shop with my mother. The purpose is to buy new smart phone! Until then, I used a feature phone. I had been using it from high school. It was my first cell phone for me. I had spent a lot of time with it. Inside of the feature phone, there are many memories to me. So, I was very much attached to the feature phone. However, I said good bye at this time.

It took about 4 hours to finish changing to smart phone. It was very long and so tired. Although I wondered which I select Xperia or iPhone so much, at last, I chose Xperia. I named it "peria-san". I'd like to use this new face sparingly. I want to get used to smart phone soon.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


One of my favorite bands is tricot. The band is indies band. The fixed members are three women. Ikkyu Nakashima is guitar and vocal. Hiromi Hirohiro is base. And Mothifo Kida is lead guitar. About one year ago, there was drummer who is a man. His name is komaki. But he withdrew tricot. So, new drummer woman joined tricot.

Tricot's musical pieces are very aggressive, but they are delicate. In addition, almost of their musical pieces have irregular beats. A lot of people are attracted with their high ability. When they make a musical pieces, Mothifo Kida brings phrases of the guitar, they decide the composition of the musical piece doing session together and at last, Ikkyu Nakashima sing along with the melodies. Then, their individual musical pieces are made.

My recommend of their musical pieces is 99.974℃. The musical piece may be the most aggressive one of them. As they hold lives and play it, the audience's tention becomes so high. The musical piece can be exiting one.

I knew the band about 2 years ago and be fascinated soon. Last year, I went to Fukuoka to go their live with my friend. Their live performance was so cool. I became to like them deeply. I want to go their live again if they come to Kumamoto or Fukuoka. But they often hold lives at overseas. So, I wish they would hold lives in Japan before long.
If you are interested in tricot, please listen once!

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Starwars episode1

The other day, I watched Starwars episode 1. This time, I watched Starwars for the first time. When I was young, the movie is popular, I think. But, I don't like to watch if it is the vogue. So, I think I didn't watch it then. Today, the latest movie of Starwars is shown. That's why, I tried to watch the movie.

However, the contents of the movie is a little difficult. Moreover, it is very long. It took more than 2 hours to watch it. So, I want to try to watch next series someday.

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Meat and Potato Stew

The other day, I made meat and potato stew at night.

Meat and potato stew is one of traditional foods in Japan. It is how to cook it. You need potatoed, carrots, onions, beef, konnyaku (a gelatinous food made from devil's-tongue starch), soy sauce, sake, sugar and so on to make it.

At first, you cut vegetables (carrots, potatoes, onions). After that, you fry meat and onions. And then, you put carrots, potatoes, onions and meat into a pot and pour water into the pot. After that, you put sugar, soy sauce and sake into the pot. At last, you put konnnyaku into thee pot. If you do this all process, it is finish to cooking!!

I would like to cook meat and potato stew again and again, I want to cook without recipe someday.

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School Festival

In Novemver 1st to 3rd, a school festival was held at KGU. It is called "takumasai". At there, my club (rock music club) had been held lives for all three days. My turns were only the last day.

Also, takumasi is very important event for junior. The reason is junior retires after finishing takumasai. They have to hand over their post to next generation. So, takumasai is one of the big turning point in my club.

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Eating Out with My Club Members!

Last Wednesday, I went to a restaurant with women who are older than me and my friends. They belong to rock band club. I belong to it too. The restaurant's meals are all large but the price is cheap, so it is kind to students. I ate a set meal with grilled meat. I was very surprised when I saw the meals volume for the first time. I couldnt eat all. However, women except me finished eating! If I go to the restaurant again, I want to try to eat the meal up myself. In addition, I enjoyed talking too. We talked about my club, music clubs, girl talk, study and so on. I am looking forward to eating out with other women who are older than me and be in my club too someday.

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